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Coronavirus / COVID19 Alert

Psychological Support is an essential health service needed for everyone, and more so during such difficult times when isolation, quarantining, and even lock-down is taking place.

NEWSTART Psychology and Counselling continues to provide face-to-face support to all our existing clients at our premises in Gin Gin, Queensland. 

We are also receiving new referrals and have extended our capacity to provide the support needed to new clients.

Also, in line with the current needs of many, we continue to offer Telehealth services (including online by video as well as by telephone therapy sessions). For more information about out Telehealth Service and its relation to Coronavirus (COVID19), click here.

Telehealth is also available for Children! For more information on this, click here.

What is NEWSTART Psychology & Counselling ?

Our mental health clinic offers an array of Psychological Services, from Medicare funded psychological services, psychotherapeutic interventions, individual and couple’s counselling, parenting counselling, and mental health coaching.

For more information on some of the services we offer, visit

We are based in Australia, in the country town of Gin Gin, Queensland. However, we also specialise in providing Online Psychological Services via telephone or video consultations. 

NEWSTART Psychology & Counselling was founded on the premise of basic and essential science-based Lifestyle Principles that form the foundation of achieving an optimum mental health.

NEWSTART is an evidence based model to achieve optimum mental health. It was originally trademarked as the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program by the  NEWSTART Lifestyle Center in Weimar, California